With our personalized payment options, we offer you interest-free advantages, long instalment payment options after advance payment and profitable investment advantages with the Seleksan Finance System, we bring to your door steps with a project that is completely unique of its kind.




SELEKSAN LOFT aims to bring a great value to the region with its unique design, to make life easier with social areas.




SELEKSAN LOFT project consisting of 4 blocks on the shopping mall will add a new style to your life…
31 units 1 + 1
98 units 2 + 1
60 units 3 + 1
12 units 3+1 duplex
12 units 4 + 1 duplex
1 unit 5+1 duplex

You can get detail of our project from our gallery, or we are happy to welcome you to our sales office to meet our experienced staffs